We believe in the power of music to connect people back to the power of themselves.

Our mission is to provide seniors with emotive music listening experiences and alleviate symptoms of social isolation

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Senior Man

About Us

Music Share is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing senior social isolation through individualized music-based programming. 

We provide participants with music specific to their personal histories and preferences in an effort to trigger memories, reconnect them with their past, and stimulate various areas of the brain involved in memory and emotional processing.

Music Share was founded in 2017 by Julian Powell as a way to connect youth volunteers with isolated seniors living in long term care communities. Together they listened to, and talked about, music treasured by the senior participants.

Since learning of COVID-19 Music Share has developed distanced programming in an effort to provide meaningful and emotive entertainment to residents experiencing increased isolation due to the virus.

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suspended  due to COvid-19

Volunteers are trained and paired with senior residents to engage in weekly one-to-one music listening sessions.

Seniors request the music they would like to hear or will have music suggested by family members and/or caregivers.

As the music plays the volunteers prompt conversation in an effort to trigger memories and moments of lucidity.

Music is used as an access point to natural bonding that takes place through shared experience.


We provide seniors, living in residential communities with music specific to their personal preferences to trigger memories, reconnect them with their past, and stimulate areas of the brain involved memory in emotional processing. 

Participants request the music they would like to hear and Music Share provides playlists filled with their favourite hit songs

Playlists are organized on to tablets and delivered to communities weekly with wireless bluetooth speakers for a high quality listening experience. 




Chartwell Gibson

Chartwell Woodhaven

Hawthorn Woods Care Community

Sunrise of Unionville

St. George Community Care

The Teddington

Rayoak Place

Terrace Gardens

Sunrise of Thornhill






Paola Di Designs is helping to support programming at St. George Care Community and The Westbury LTC. With their help we're providing meaningful music to seniors facing increased isolation due to COVID-19.

Paola Di Designs

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A Walk in Park

Debbie Mccance 

Program and Support Services Manager

“The team at Music Share have been extremely helpful to our Home during the COVID-19 pandemic. They drop off multiple tablets and the recreation team is able to provide the customized music playlist to the residents throughout the day. This allows our team to continue to offer individual virtual visits, outdoor visits with families and other recreation and social activities throughout the pandemic."

Senior Man with Mask

"Sunrise believes that this program would be an effective way to reach some of the more unengaged residents of our communities."

Happy Senior Couple

"Music Share was  a truly valued addition to the programming at St. George Community Care. The focus on social interaction and familiar music is really what helps this program stand apart from other music programs currently being offered. Over time staff noted that residents who took part in Music Share seemed to be in an overall better mood and were more talkative than they had been prior to starting the program."

Johnathan Gangadeen 

Recreation Coordinator

Luca Kamber 

Director of Operations Sunrise Senior Living

Sheet Music

If you are interested in bringing Music Share to your community, volunteering your time, or becoming a sponsor please reach out now!


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