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The Healing Power of Elvis Tunes: New Venture Uses Music to Connect Seniors to Happier Times

“Seeing a resident sing along to the music and dancing around — those are the kinds of moments that we’re striving for,”

Zoomer Radio

Providing Seniors Music to Alleviate Social Isolation

What we’re trying to do is connect them back to memories, loved ones, moments in their lives that are special and meaningful through the music,”

Toronto Star

Can a Song Unlock Your Memories? A Heartwarming Toronto Program is Showing That it Can

“Music helps to alleviate feelings of loneliness by connecting us back to moments, people, and places."


CTV Interview

Program brings music playlists to seniors to combat social isolation and loneliness

“We’re trying to provide something that’s going to connect people back to their memories, connect people back to their loved ones, in a safe and effective way,”